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Plastic​ Surplus Recycling



Carolina Bay Materials will put a well-designed plan in place for your company recycling needs. Our Logistic Service has the experience and experts to make sure each Load is handled with care and professionalism. From the scheduling, ETA up dates, to the inspection of loading and unloading, we will make sure each delivery is on-time and on-budget, creating a stress free environment for our customers. If one of our personal trucks is unavailable, our brokerage department can connect you in the right direction. A logistic plan that is cost-effective and worries free is what every customer looks for, and keeping your warehouse from stockpiling is what we are best at.


Choose the best waste equipment for your business' needs and budget. Equipment programs offers the largest array of compactors, balers, cart tippers, pre-crushers, shredders and monitoring systems. We specialize in customized rental programs which include installation, maintenance, and repair services and also offer purchase options. We recognize that each and every company has specific needs and tailor a solution to fit your specific objectives. Our specialist will conduct site audits and learn more about your business flow and objectives. We will work with general contractors to ensure perfect installation timing and assist with any questions they have along the way. Once the installation is complete we offer employee training on operating the equipment.

 Equipment programs offers a wide variety of vertical and horizontal balers equipped to meet your specific needs. Waste Equipment's large selection of high quality balers will ensure your cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, and specialty items are processed in the most efficient way possible. Regardless if your in retail, manufacturing, industrial, service, hospitality, or real estate we have a baler to meet your needs and budget.

Our Equipment programs has certified technicians install, service, and repair all makes and models of waste equipment. Our fully stocked service trucks are available to service client's 24/7 and we offer a 24-hour service guarantee. We can also ship parts from one of our stocked warehouses across the country quickly. Our preventative maintenance program helps clients solve problems before larger issues arise.


Carolina Bay Materials is looking to maximize asset utilization.

You don't have to be a large business to take advantage of drop trailers. But we are looking for a minimum of 1 shipments per week per lane in order to make it benefit your Company needs.

There are many reasons you may want to utilize a drop trailer program:

A dropped trailer essentially means additional space for you to work with. When you have a dropped trailer you can move freight off your dock when you need room in your warehouse.

It can be painful when your schedule is at the mercy of a truck's arrival. A dropped trailer means you can load freight at your pace and in your own time.

If a truck pulls in to be loaded at 7 p.m., and no one is at your warehouse to load it, you could hurt your profits paying overtime to get the truck loaded. You could also lose money if you're billed for the truck's time in detention. That's not something you have to worry about when you have trailers dropped at your facility.

Carriers like drop trailers as much as freight shippers when it makes sense. They help cut down on dwell time. The less time they have a truck and driver sitting, the better their asset utilization percentages become.

Every shipper has their own objectives with a drop trailer program. It is important to define yours so that We can choose the best freight service program that can help move your business forward. We also provide storage by the pallet, we provide all the loading and unloading service, with a million dollars product coverage.


We offer recycling solutions for all types of materials and forms 

POST-INDUSTRIAL WASTE  A product composition that contains some percentage of manufacturing waste material that has been reclaimed from a process generating the same or a similar product, also called pre-consumer recycle. We accept different Types of Post Industrial Products, must be identified as it contents through reporting. We will accept  HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP & ABS in all forms long as package separate with no contamination or hazard addictive.

HDPE INJECTION  BULKY RIGID PLASTICS Any injection grade #2 HDPE, typically found to be wide mouthed containers and/or oversized items generated through a positive sort from curbside, drop-off or other public or Industrial recycling collection program. Examples include: carts, crates, buckets, baskets, lawn furniture, etc. Metal such as axels and bolts should be removed. Buckets/pails with metal handles are acceptable.

PP SMALL RIGID PLASTICS Any whole bottle, container or product, with a #5 PP resin code, generated through a positive sort from curbside, drop-off or other public or Industrial recycling collection program. Examples of Bottles, Containers and Products include: prescription bottles, yogurt cups, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs, cold drink cups, microwavable trays, tofu tubs, dishwasher safe storage containers, hangers, caps

PP ALL RIGID PLASTICS – VARIATION OF PP ALL RIGID PLASTICS Bulky PP is items greater than 5 gallons, (e.g. buckets, crates, waste baskets, toys, and storage bins)

HDPE NATURAL BOTTLES BALES Any whole, blow-molded, high-density polyethylene bottle containing the ASTM D7611 “#2, HDPE” resin identification code that is unpigmented, and was generated from a curbside, drop-off, or other public or Industrial recycling collection program. Bottles are defined as containers that have a neck or mouth that is smaller than the base. All bottles should be free of contents or free flowing liquids and rinsed. While including closures (caps, lids, and rings) on bottles is acceptable, removal of closures is also acceptable.

PE RETAIL BAGS AND FILM BALES Any polyethylene bag and overwrap accepted by retailers from their customers or polyethylene stretch wrap or other film generated back of house may be included. Bags may be mixed color or printed and primarily HDPE but are expected to include other polyethylene bags and LDPE/LLDPE overwrap. Films may be coded with ASTM D7611 resin identification code “#2, HDPE” and #4, LDPE”. All bag bundles should be free of free-flowing liquids. 

PE CLEAR FILM BALES – Any mix of natural polyethylene film, HDPE or LDPE or LLDPE, totaling at least 95% clear or natural polyethylene film is accepted. All film bundles should be free of free-flowing liquids. Any mix of post commercial or postconsumer. Films may be coded with ASTM D7611 resin identification code.

LDPE FURNITURE MIX FILM BALES - Any of natural LDPE film used for sofa overwrap, bubble wrap, mattress bag and LLDPE stretch film and polyethylene thin foam which is white and gray foam backed with LDPE film. Color contribution can be only from the white foam, gray foam backed with LDPE film, and blue mattress bags. The mass shall consist of 70% to 80% LDPE and/or LLDPE films and the remainder polyethylene foam. Films may be coded with ASTM D7611 resin identification code #4, LDPE. All film bundles should be free of free-flowing liquids.

All Companies shall be evaluated base on waste produce and shall uphold the program designed for your Company. Mostly pertaining to load requirements such as packaging, percentage of contamination, mixing of waste and keeping schedule appointments with a 48 hrs notification of rescheduling. Failure to maintain program requirements can result in rejection of the load, charge back fees or discontinue of services so feel free to consult with your Representative to ensure that your Recyclables are being prepared properly.

 Regular Pick ups Materials

TPO Vehicle Bumpers

Gaylord Boxes

Plastic Pallets

HDPE Drums

HDPE Crates

Vinyl Siding

PP Crates