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Plastic​ Surplus Recycling

Go Green Programs



Carolina Bay Materials recycling program provides complete commercial recycling services for all grades of plastic. Our business recycling programs helps increase the efficient volume and value of your industrial recyclable waste by implementing a range of strategies, including:  We ask minimum of 10,000 pound loads, for pickup unless other arrangements authorize by your Representative.

Sorting options: our business recycling program will provide you effected sorting options to best understand your waste materials.

Compaction or size-reduction equipment: our industrial recycling program offers equipment to help reduce the size of your recyclable materials, therefore reducing logistical costs and problems.

Material handling supplies: Carolina Bay Materials recycling program includes recommendations on the handling supplies needed to most efficiently convert your waste to profits, either for purchase or bundled as part of an overall business recycling program plan.

Employee training: Carolina Bay Materials offers an employee training program as part of our business recycling program. We will provide training for equipment operation, waste contamination, identifying types of materials and recycling tools for better effective results.

Consolidated logistics: Carolina Bay Materials waste management programs include suggestions on how to consolidate logistics, saving money, space, and headaches.

Spotted trailers: Our full-service recycling programs often include drop trailer on your premises, awaiting your recyclable and waste products.

LTL, FTL, FOB or roll-off pickups: A wide range of pickups can be included when we plan your business recycling program.

Fair and equitable pricing: Our business recycling programs offer rebates based upon third-party indexes. You’ll always know that you’re getting a consistent and fair market rate evaluated every 90 days. Also, most rebates are paid out every 45 days unless special circumstances which your Representative will advise you of the changes. We also, provide monthly weight reports per material and yearly certificate of recycling for accurate accountability